Saturday, May 28, 2011

2 R.A.C.E. Events on Sunday!!

Sunday, May 29th - The Lunt Road Race - 9:00AM:
This FREE point-to-point Road Race will be taking place THIS Sunday at 9:00am. Registration will open at 8:30AM at Durham Community Park(plenty of parking and bathrooms) in Durham, California(on Durham-Dayton Hwy) - just look for me and the in the parking area. There will be one group starting, but different Categories scored for the race - Category "A", Category "B", Category "C", Masters 50+ Category, Women's Category and Juniors Category. The event will start at 9:00AM. The race course starts at Durham Community Park - takes Durham-Dayton Hwy to Durham-Pentz Road.....and on to Pentz Road(turn right).........then Pentz Road to Hwy. 70.......left on Hwy. 70 and up and up until the turn to Lunt Road(take right on Lunt Road) - the finish is at the top of the climb of Lunt Road. The race will be timed & scored. Route Arrows will mark the turns on the course. The point-to-point course is about 18 miles in length and includes about 1,800 feet of climbing........with the final climb of Lunt Road being the sting in the tail! ;) I will have one water container at the Start and Finish lines - and will be providing "some" SAG support during the race. If you ride in from Chico, Paradise or Oroville, it'd make for a great warm-up to ride to the Community Park - then race, then another good ride back to your home......some good riding time, with a little Road Race thrown in the middle for good measure! OR, just start and finish at the Community Park and you will still have some good riding time! Just come out and have some fun with it - it's just for training! For a map of the Road Race course, please click on this link:
Helmets are mandatory!
(25-point event in the 2011 Butte Road R.A.C.E. Series)

Sunday, May 29th - The Chico Airport Criterium Kids/Juniors ONLY Race! - 1:00PM:
This event will be held at the Chico Airport Criterium course starting at 1:00pm! Registration will open at 12:40pm on Convair avenue at the Airport - with the event starting promptly at 1:00pm. We'll be using our standard Tuesday/Friday Night Chico Airport Criterium course starting/finishing at Convair Avenue:
The Kids/Juniors Race will go for 30 Minutes PLUS 3 laps. Riders must sign in and wear a helmet in order to compete. Prime Points WILL count towards the 2011 Chico Airport Criterium Series. Mentors are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to attend in order to help out and teach the Junior riders about Criterium racing!
In addition, we will have some prizes to give out as Primes!
Helmets are mandatory!
(Part of the 2011 Chico Airport Criterium Series - Juniors Only!)

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