Friday, August 14, 2009

4 R.A.C.E. Events this weekend..............

Hi Everyone!! In addition to tonight's Airport Criterium, there are also 4 other R.A.C.E. Events this weekend. Hope to see you out there!!

Saturday, August 15th - Coal Canyon Circuit Race - 9:00AM - A NEW Circuit Race Course to try out for 2009!! This 5.9 mile long loop goes over rolling terrain and climbs approximately 290 feet per lap. Will suit a variety of riders. Registration will open at 8:30am NEAR the intersection of Coal Canyon Road-Wheelock Road & Hwy. 70. The Category "A" Race will go off at 9:00AM, the Category "B" Race will go at 9:02AM, and the Category "C" Race will go at 9:04AM. Category "A" & "B" Riders will do 6 laps each - for a total of 35.4 Miles and 1,740 feet of total climbing. The Category "C" Race will go 3 laps - for a total of 17.7 Miles and 870 feet of total climbing (the "C" race will not be counted towards the Road R.A.C.E. Series). The Start/Finish Line is located on Coal Canyon Road - just up the road from the intersection of Wheelock Road & Hwy. 70. You will travel in a clockwise direction from Coal Canyon Road to Hwy. 70....and back to Coal Canyon Road....for one lap. For a map of this course, please visit: . I will be bringing some water bottles out there to pass out to riders, BUT - water bottle hand-ups will be solely dependent upon volunteers! Parking is somewhat available at the Start/Finish area of the course - but the best bet is to park at Spring Valley School and just ride down to the Start Area on Coal Canyon Road........approximately 2.7 miles away from the school(and downhill when heading to Coal Canyon). Most United States Cycling Federation rules apply to these races - you know, WEAR YOUR HELMET, don't ride like a nutcase, and all that good stuff. Sandbaggers are strongly discouraged (a Sandbagger would be a Category "A" rider racing a Category "B" or "C" race - must be completely obvious to the Race Director). The Race Director reserves the right to DQ any rider deemed unsafe or unsportsmanlike. A mention about Tri Bars - You can have Tri Bars on your bicycle - BUT, you must NOT use them if you are in a pack or paceline - especially on this course! Normally, in a United States Cycling Federation race, you would not be allowed to have them on your bicycle in a mass-start event like this one - but I know many of us like them on our bicycles and use them for training. This isn't the World Championships - we do these Circuit Races for fun, fitness and practice - but please do NOT use your Tri Bars in a pack/paceline situation. HELMETS ARE MANDATORY! (Part of the 2009 Chico Road R.A.C.E. Series)

Saturday, August 15th - The "Kids ONLY" Humboldt Road Race - 1:00PM - From the bottom of the climb up to the main Power Lines (it's about half-way up Humboldt = 2 miles up, 400 feet of total climbing!) - For the kids under the Age of 16 who have been showing up to the Chico Airport Criteriums - now's your chance to experience a ROAD RACE!! least a little one!! Registration will open at the bottom of the hill (near the intersection of Humboldt Road & Stilson Canyon Road) at 12:40pm. The RACE will start at 1:00pm. This one is 2 miles long and climbs approximately 400 feet - so bring your climbing legs!! I will have water at the Start & Finish - and probably watermelon at the top too. We're going just up to the Power Lines - not all the way up to the top. MENTORS are STRONGLY encouraged to attend - to keep an eye on our riders, help them out and encourage them up the hill. I will also be there with the SAG Vehicle, if needed. ***One Note - If enough older kids show, we may do a race up to the top of Humboldt too, depending upon help & logistics. For a map of the "Kids Only" course, please visit: . HELMETS ARE MANDATORY! Rain cancels!

Sunday, August 16th - 7-Mile Lane 25-MILE Time Trial - 9:00AM - This 25-Mile Time Trial course use to be used back in the day - and it is now back again!! This TT will take place this Sunday morning - June 28th. Registration will open at 8:30am near the corner of Ord Ferry Road and 7-Mile Lane. The first rider will go off at 9:01am, and we will go in 1-minute intervals for this 12.5 mile out, 12.5 mile back in, all-flat Time Trial. I, mostly like, will be at the turn-around again. This is also the FINAL RACE in the 2009 Chico 25-Mile Time Trial Series. A map of the course can be found here: (FINAL RACE in the 2009 Chico 25-Mile Time Trial Series)

Sunday, August 16th - Chico Airport LONG-COURSE Criterium(using the 1-Mile course for this evening Criterium) - 6:00PM - 3-POINT EVERY LAP PRIME!! - We'll be using the "other" Criterium Course for this event - the 1-Mile Chico Airport Long-Course. Registration will open at 5:45pm for this one, with the Start at 6:00pm. The course Starts & Finishes on Marauder Street.......over by the old Koret building on the north end of the Airport. A map of this course can be found here: . This event DOES count towards the 2009 Chico Airport Criterium Series. NOTE: This Criterium will have a 3-point Prime to the winner of EACH LAP in EACH CATEGORY(As, Bs and Women's Categories) - so if you need to grab a few extra points for the 2009 Chico Airport Criterium Series, this might be the event to do it!!! This "other" course has a little elevation gain to it as well - not much, but just enough to feel it. Category "A" will go for 45 Minutes PLUS 3 laps(remember - the course is 1-mile in length). Category "B" will go for 40 Minutes PLUS 3 laps. HELMETS ARE MANDATORY! RAIN OR WET PAVEMENT WILL CANCEL THIS EVENT!! (Part of the 2009 Chico Airport Criterium Series!)

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