Monday, June 29, 2009

Tuesday Night's Chico Airport Criterium..................

Tuesday, June 30th - Tuesday Night Airport Criterium - 6:00PM (As & Bs) & 7:00PM (Cs) - Registration normally opens at 5:45pm on Convair avenue at the Airport - with the event starting promptly at 6:00pm. For the time being, we'll be using our standard Tuesday Night course starting/finishing at Convair Avenue - . Category "A" riders will go for 50 Minutes PLUS 3 laps, while Category "B" riders will go for 45 Minutes PLUS 3 laps - Women's Category picked separately. Lots of Point Primes offered in this one!! Must sign in and wear a helmet in order to compete. RAIN OR WET PAVEMENT WILL CANCEL THIS EVENT. (Part of the 2009 Chico Airport Criterium Series!)

**** One Note About This Tuesday Night's Airport Criterium - June 30th - 7:00PM - will also have a Category "C" race going off at 7:00PM. The "C" race will be approximately 30 minutes + 3 laps. If you are intimidated by the Criterium and/or the speeds out there, this is the Category to get a feel for what's going on without the crazy speeds. No other Category races will be on the course - just Category "C" - so you can get used to the course, etc. The event MAY be mentored as well, depending upon whether ANY Category "A" or highly-ranked Category "B" riders(basically, any top 15 riders in the Current Standings in the "B" Category) are available to mentor. A mentor basically sits in with your group during the race, giving you basic pointers and helpful advice to keep you safe, skilled and sound during the event - and for future events. Mentors must meet with me prior to the event - so, if you would like to volunteer to be a Criterium Mentor, see me at the race on Tuesday Night or e-mail me prior to the Event - . Also - If anyone would like to donate Prime Prizes for any of the events, please bring them out to the Criterium or e-mail me.


Hi Everyone!! With summer here, the evening Criteriums are becoming quite popular out at the Airport. So, with that in mind, I would like to just give a few pointers out there to keep everyone safe and sound.....and having a good ride out at the event:

1. Category "B" Riders - During the event, make certain that you do NOT mix in with the Category "A" Riders.......if they come up on you, let them take the left-side of the course and let them pass you!! Do NOT draft them, and do not block their way......just keep it nice and smooth. If you have been lapped or dropped by the "B" Category, do NOT use the "A" Category pack to get back up to the "B" group.

2. Category "A" Riders - Same as No. 1 - if the "B" group is going faster, let them pass on the left side and do not draft off of them, or mix in with their group. In turn, if y'all are passing the "B" group - pass them......don't dangle behind them or in with them......and please communicate your intent, etc. And, like the Bs, don't use the "B" group to get back into the "A" group.

3. Category "B" Riders - You finish your race approximately 5 minutes before the Category "A" race finishes. PLEASE get to the inside lane(right side) of the course during your cool-down lap and let the Category "A" riders continue racing. Better yet, get on the sidewalk ASAP and back to the Start/Finish the course entirely(preferable).

4. Category "C" Riders - PLEASE stay off the Criterium course during the Category "A" & "B" race!!! For warm-up, use other parts of the airport, or even the sidewalk if you can do it safely. Do NOT line up on the Start Line until after the last rider in the Category "A" race finishes.

5. Foul language - PLEASE watch your language out at the Airport Criteriums. We have lots of kids out there now ranging in age from 2 to 15, and lots of other spectators. Any colorful language out there will result in immediate disqualification from both the Current Criterium AND the Series, as well as all Primes, etc. So, as always - just be cool!! Y'all have been fantastic out there all year long - and all of last year - just keep it going that way!

6. Finally - Remember, we do these little events for fun, fitness, to practice some skills - just to have a good time....although quite challenging too!! Dangerous riding, unsafe moves, belligerent attitudes, unsportsmanlike conduct and over-the-top riding will NOT be tolerated. Keep it simple, keep it safe....and just use these events for what they really are......just little training events! A 5-point Prime Prize is NOT worth taking out you or any other rider - so, just be safe out there, as always. Everyone thus far has been OUTSTANDING in every aspect - just want to keep it going that way.

Thanks everyone for your participation in these little Airport Criteriums - y'all are the BEST!!!!

Team Chico & R.A.C.E. - Rodney's Amateur Cycling Events
Chico, CA