Saturday, December 13, 2008

Clark Road Uphill Time Trial Results.........

Hi Everyone! Today was Race #9 in the 10-race Chico Hill Climb Time Trial Series - the Clark Road Time Trial! The weather report yesterday called for showers, westerly winds and potential snow for this morning.......but we lucked out for this event with sunny skies, but pretty cold temperatures. Even with the ominous weather report, we had 29 riders show up to take part in the Time Trial this morning, and another two came out to check out the course.

A HUGE thank you goes out to Lorraine Cox for volunteering to start the riders this morning - thank you Lori!! And another HUGE thank you goes out to Brad Foster and Foster Chiropractic Clinic( for supplying coffee, donuts and muffins at the finish line for today's event.......and for bringing the cheering section too!!! That was great to have on such a cold day after an event like the one this morning!

Thank you everyone for coming out to this event - it was GREAT having you all there!!! Hope to see you at the Final Race in the Series - the Humboldt Hill Climb Time Trial on Saturday, December 27th...........AND, we'll be doing the Humboldt Hill Climb Time Trial again on Thursday, January 1st, 2009 to kick off the new year, and the new Butte Hill Climb Time Trial Series! And don't forget too - the Chico Airport Practice Criteriums start on Saturday, January 3rd(details announced soon!). Hope to see you out at some of the upcoming events!

Okay, below are the Combined Results from this morning's Clark Road Time Trial. I will have the updated standings for the Chico Hill Climb Time Trial Series later on today.

Clark Road Time Trial Combined Results:
1. Jim Roberts 29:30 (1st Place in Men's Category "A")
2. Greg Golet 29:46
3. Mike Smith 30:05
4. Alex Blease 30:35
5. Brad Foster 31:29
6. Kris Blee 32:00 (1st Place in Clydesdale Category)
7. Marc Nix 33:22 (1st Place in Men's Category "B")
8. Josh Bullock 33:56
9. Eric Ayars 34:29
10. Mike Trowbridge 35:19 (1st Place in Men's Masters 50+ Category)
11. Greg Watkins 35:41
12. John Touchette 35:57
13. Tom Embree 35:59
14. Josh Rowe 36:23
15. Lee Altier 36:37
16. Greg Kallio 36:38
17. Clay Johnson 36:56
18. Christine Roberts 37:01 (1st Place in Women's Category)
19. Kim Agur 37:02 (1st Place in Women's Masters Category)
20. Bill Brent 37:27
21. Tony Mainz 38:21
22. Jeanne O'Regan 39:35
23. Dan Dominguez 40:19
24. Jeff Davis 42:12
25. Janine Rood 42:16
26. Kathie Thornton 42:41
27. Jim Mensching 43:05
28. Skip Lees 45:40
29. Diann Harger 45:40
Course Inspectors: Jeff Ochs, Michael Jasinski

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