Saturday, June 21, 2008

Messilla Valley Circuit Race.......

Hi Everyone! So, we had a great turn-out for the Messilla Valley Circuit Race this morning with 32 riders taking part, and another few coming out to watch the racing action! It was great seeing everyone. The earlier start made for some lower temperatures this time around, but the winds were picking up a bit at the start. In addition, we were able to raise a total of $400 for the American Red Cross and the Butte Creek Canyon Volunteer Fire Department!! Thank you ALL for donating to this worthy cause after the devastating Humboldt Fire - we really really appreciate your donation - Thank You!!

Okay, the racing action - We had 16 riders in the "B" Category and 16 riders in the "A" Category. The A race saw a two-man breakaway get off the front very early on with Rich Thurman and James Plummer. As it turns out, this would be a decisive move in the race. By the end, it was Rich Thurman soloing in for the victory in 1 hour 37 minutes 30 seconds. He was followed about 40 seconds later by Kevin Speacht........and a short time later, Mike Ricks rolled in for 3rd place.

The B Category was quite the race - A first lap break consisted of Bill Brent, Mike Crumm and Jeff Ochs. Like the A race, this would prove to be a decisive move......for the Mens side of the B Category. As it turns out, Bill and Mike stayed out front together the whole race(Jeff decided I needed some help in the officiating, so he pulled over to help me out - thanks Jeff!). In the end, it came down to an uphill sprint finish with Mike Crumm taking the victory. On the womens side, it was none other than Elizabeth Brent soloing away for another Messilla Valley Circuit Race victory! A chase group consisting of Kim Agur, Sue Kamrar, Sandra Barton and Jenn Gruber tried desperately to chase her down - but couldn't quite catch her. It was an exciting watch!

Chico Corsa would like to thank North Rim Adventure Sports for donating 2 $20 Gift Cards for our post-race raffle. 1 winner was chosen from Category A and 1 from Category B. As it turns out, the raffle winners were a father/son team out there racing today - Mike Crumm(B Race) and his son Weston Crumm(A Race) - Congratulations to both of you!!

And finally......before the results.......a HUGE thank you goes out to James Plummer for organizing and working on the donations for this race - his help was HUGE in making this little cycling get-together a very worthwhile venture for the American Red Cross and the Butte Creek Canyon Volunteer Fire Department! Thank you James! And - a BIG thank you goes out to Jeff Ochs for coming out to the course early to sweep up all the glass on the course - your help was tremendously appreciated by everyone(well......except Tyler, who flatted!!). Another BIG thank you goes out to Susan Plummer, Pre, Dave Klein and Brian Ray for working the feed zone/water bottle station on the race course!! And finally, to all the riders who came out - thank you all, and thank you for donating to this worthy cause!

Okay, below are the Preliminary Results:

Category A:

1. Rich Thurman 1:37:30
2. Kevin Speacht
3. Mike Ricks
4. Jeff Galland
5. Evan Carroll
6. Mike Thorpe
7. Josh Bullock
8. Weston Crumm
9. Ryan Olson
10. Rob Bishop
11. Preben Nielsen
DNP - Tim Creswell, Tyler Honeyman, James Plummer, Mike Trowbridge, Sean Dugan

Category B - Men:

1. Mike Crumm
2. Bill Brent
3. Kris Blee
4. Bill Bergmann
DNP - Jeff Ochs

Category B - Women:

1. Elizabeth Brent
2. Sandra Barton
3. Kim Agur
4. Jamie Batha
5. Jenn Gruber
6. Sue Kamrar
7. Grace Twedt
8. Christine Bergmann
9. Margaret Bomberg
DNP - Katy Luallen, Dani Dowden

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Chad Gerlach.........

Wow. I am speechless after seeing this online documentary on local former cycling professional, Chad Gerlach:

Chad is pictured here on the podium with Scott Moninger and David Clinger(pre-tattoo days) in the 1999 Nevada City Classic. Chad, the one in the Merlin jersey, placed 3rd that day.......but won the event in years past:

VeloNews had an article recently about the show as well:

Chad - if you're readin' this Dude.......get out there racin' again!!! Or heck, at least coaching or something.

One day at a day at a time.......

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Uh, you want whatnow???

So, for whatever reason, people seem to think that I have total control over our Sierra Nevada Downtown Criterium taking place on September 21, 2008. Essentially that I, personally, pick and choose whatever category to add or subtract from the race(in reality, this is really a decision made among the race committee). So, in order to please absolutely everyone - and so everyone gets exactly what they want - I have devised a new schedule for our race! Here it is below:

7:30am to 7:45am - Category 5
7:50 to 8:05am - Womens 4
8:10 to 8:25am - Category 4
8:30 to 8:45am - Handcycling division
8:50 to 9:05am - Mens 60+ category
9:10 to 9:25am - Mens 55+ category
9:30 to 9:45am - Kids Race
9:50 to 10:05am - Masters 35+ Category 5
10:10 to 10:25am - Womens 3
10:30 to 10:45am - Masters 35+ Category 4
10:50 to 11:05am - Masters 35+ Womens Category
11:10 to 11:25am - Masters 45+ Mens Open
11:30 to 11:45am - Category 4/5 - Mens
11:50 to 12:05pm - Womens 3/4
12:10 to 12:25pm - Category 3/4 - Mens
12:30 to 12:45pm - Masters 35+ Handcycling division
12:50 to 1:05pm - Masters 35+ 1/2/3
1:10 to 1:25pm - Womens Pro/1/2
1:30 to 1:45pm - Masters 45+ Womens
1:50 to 2:05pm - Public Mens Race
2:10 to 2:25pm - Public Womens Race
2:30 to 2:45pm - Teenagers-with-no-license Race
2:50 to 3:05pm - Masters 35+ 3/4 - Mens
3:10 to 3:25pm - Masters 45+ 2/3 - Mens
3:30 to 3:45pm - Womens race for those wanting to get a license but aren't sure yet.
3:50 to 4:05pm - Masters 55+ 4/5 - Mens
4:10 to 4:25pm - Womens Handcycling division
4:30 to 4:45pm - Tricycle & Pixie Race
4:50 to 5:05pm - Fixed Gear Fever Race
5:10 to 5:25pm - Womens Pro/1
5:10 to 5:25pm - Pro/1/2/3 - Mens
5:30 to 5:45pm - Pro/1/2 - Mens
5:50 to 6:05pm - Womens and Mens Pro/1/2 combined
6:10 to 6:25pm - Pro/1 - Mens, but only with Euro experience.
6:30 to 6:45pm - Unicycling Race
6:50 to 7:05pm - Masters 65+ open
7:10 to 7:25pm - Masters 55+ 3/4/5 Race
7:30 to 7:45pm - Womens 50+ Open Race

How does that sound???

I would love to add all these categories, but......just not enough hours in the day.
Still, if ya think about it, it'd make for an interesting day of racing! And the Racing Officials would probably kill us.